Our new site is set within the Kent countryside. The beautiful elevated site has far reaching views, over the Swale estuary and the Thames beyond. This site will be planted with natural species and will be a stunning natural resting place for your loved ones.

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Our first site, Deerton, although sold out, is a wonderful way to see how our new site Riverview will look in a few years time. The burial ground at Deerton only serves those who have pre-purchased a plot or are joining someone already buried there.

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Welcome to Kent Natural Burials

Kent Natural Burials was established in 2007. Our aim was to create an environmentally sensitive and gentle alternative burial service for families in their local area. The first Kent Natural Burial funeral took place in September 2007. Now many rest at our original site - Deerton.

We have two beautiful burial grounds in the Swale area, planted to mirror the local landscape and provide a tranquil and environmentally sympathetic alternative to a traditional burial or internment of ashes. We have beautiful burial sites that encompass the ideals of bespoke, eco-friendly, local end of life service. We provide an alternative to the, often expensive, cremations and the ever-challenging demand for church sites. In an era where many are now keen to preserve the world we live in and where multi-faith or none wish to have an affordable way of respectfully meeting the needs of their loved ones, natural burials are increasing in popularity.

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Direct Eco Burial

In light of the very challenging economic environment, we are working with our local funeral director to offer a new service : DIRECT ECO BURIAL, the costs include Funeral Director fees, eco coffin, purchase of plot, grave digging, administration fees and one off future maintenance fee. …. £2575

Please contact Sian on 07377 533 506 for more information

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Please download our Burial Pack below:

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Kent Natural Burials Information Pack

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Our gates are open at both our Riverview and Deerton Natural Burial Grounds. When visiting please take home with you any used tissues and rubbish.

Our Compost loo at Deerton remains locked except on day of funeral. If you wish to access our compost loo the combination lock number is 1965, but please replace the lock after use.

Please be aware that at Riverview NBG although the Compost loo remains open, it is only cleaned before a funeral, we make available wet wipes, tissues and hand sanitiser.

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What is a natural burial?

The loss of a loved one is inevitably a time of sadness and grief, however the funeral can be a time to celebrate that life. We will do all we can to be of assistance.

People are keen to be able to stay within their local community, they want to be laid to rest where they have lived, laughed and loved. They wish to be able to have their friends and families come to pay their respects, tend the area and seek solace there.

Those being buried with us are placed in coffins that are sustainably produced and biodegradable. The planting of local, native trees and wildflowers takes place leaving a wild and attractive resting place. Headstones are not erected and we do not allow families to plant flora that is not native or is out of keeping with the local area.

We opened our first burial ground, Deerton, on an abandoned 3 acre field in Teynham, between Sittingbourne and Faversham. It is run in an ecologically friendly manner. Following the guidelines and requirements of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds, we not only wish to cause as little disruption to the natural surroundings and wildlife as possible but to positively enhance the value of the land regarding habitat creation and management.

We have now opened our second site, Riverview, near Lower Halstow. This too will be run in keeping with Swales bio-diversity action plan. The site is discrete, attractive and nestled in the heart of Kent’s stunning countryside. Both sites are protected from development and have a long-term future as a wild space in which nature is allowed to thrive.

Kent Natural Burials has won Natural burial ground in the south east twice and has recently been runner up for the UK.

Deerton is an excellent choice and an ideal site for a natural burial ground. It is quiet, peaceful and low key, as I believe a burial ground and the funeral itself needs to be. Sian was knowledgeable, well organised and helpful before the funeral, on the day and since. Deerton has a timeless character which helps to add to its appeal as a burial ground. It is well managed and maintained. I rated the ground 33/35

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We’re proud of the following awards and associations

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