Our Personal Touch

The first funeral at Deerton took place in September 2007. Now many rest here. Sadly, the whole age range is represented from the very young through to the elderly. The loss of a loved one is inevitably a time of sadness and grief, however the funeral can be a time to celebrate that life.

We will do all we can to be of assistance. Funerals at Deerton and Riverview are bespoke: the choice of the departed and their family and friends. There may be two, twenty two or one hundred and two persons at the grave side. There might be singing, the reciting of poems or silence. It is a very personal event.

Scots piper

Our personal touch

As a bereaved person, every consideration will be shown by our caring staff. We can also support you with:

  • Appropriate Funeral Director if required – otherwise, how to organise, a family and friends run funeral.
  • Types of biodegradable coffins available
  • Transport: alternatives to a hearse
  • Marquees and Marquee hire
  • Celebrant, minister or family member to oversee graveside interment. Some clients have a ‘service’ before coming to Deerton or Riverview. No two funerals are the same
  • Creation of a service booklet for use at the time and as a keepsake
  • Florists and floral tributes
  • Music: Live or recorded
  • Venues for wakes

Being part of so many families planting their trees and remembering loved ones was very humbling and comforting. I think in time I will come to look back on Tree Planting Day as a very significant and important moment in the long healing process.

R. Ashwell

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