Visiting Deerton and Riverview

Visiting Deerton and Riverview

Following an update from the Government on 20th April 2020, we have decided to re open the gates at Deerton as we know how comforting it is to you all.

Although we will be keeping the gates from the main road closed they will not be locked- please may I ask that you close them once you leave Deerton - this will hopefully serve as a deterrent to those who may use our entrance car park for other activities and gatherings.
Please ensure you adhere to social distancing and no more than gatherings of two people unless in a small family unit, take home with you any used wipes and tissues, keeping Deerton and our families safe.

For those of you who do not live in close proximity and who are staying safe and self isolating we have posted pictures of Deerton and Riverview and will continue to add more.

Riverview is open too but please adhere to self isolating rules , I will be watering trees and plants soon and posting a few pictures too.

Stay safe and take care, Sian.

Deerton TP2 Deerton TP5 Deerton TP8
Deerton TP Deerton TP3 Deerton TP6 Deerton TP9
Deerton TP1 Deerton TP4 Deerton TP7 Deerton TP10

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