Tree Planting Day - 9th March 2019

Tree Planting Day - 9th March 2019

Tree planting day this year took place on Saturday the 9th March; we had many families and friends that were able to attend making this year one of our busiest ever, especially during the morning session so thank you for your patience if I was unable to attend to you immediately or spend much time with you.

The weather was glorious and warm- making this occasion even more special.

It was very uplifting seeing family and friends working together to plant each tree with care and love, whilst remembering and celebrating the lives of their loved ones.

One family member put this very eloquently in a thank you letter received: "Being part of so many families planting their trees and remembering their loved ones was very humbling, and comforting. I think that in time I will come to look back on Saturday as a very significant and important moment in the long healing process".

Here are some photos of the day! :)

Tree Planting 2019 3 Tree Planting 2019 6
Tree Planting 2019 Tree Planting 2019 4 Tree Planting 2019 7
Tree Planting 2019 2 Tree Planting 2019 5 Tree planting 2019 8

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